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Using a muscle maintenance hammer

Let’s now say this out from below: using a muscle maintenance hammer is not rocket science. In fact, it’s pretty simple. However, from this guide, you can extract a few simple techniques to help maximize your massage session and post-workout recovery.

 Instructions for using the muscle maintenance hammer

  1. It is a good idea to turn the muscle maintenance hammer onBEFORE placing it on the body. If you don’t, a sudden impact can whistle in the muscle or can even lead to bruising.
  2. Start at the lowest speed for some time the muscles get used to the vibrating pulses. Starting from a height can be painful if you haven’t had time to figure out the receptivity of the muscle. Also keep in mind that tenderness can be due to micro-rupture of the muscle or increased inflammation. Forced hammering of muscles can do more harm than good. More is not always better.
  3. Regardless of the speed you use, the purpose is to “slide” the muscle maintenance hammer over the muscle. Extreme downward pressure on the body from the massage head is not necessary. Allow the massage gun to work as you gently slide it over the damaged areas. Use light to moderate pressure.
  4. Remember to relax! You have purchased a muscle maintenance hammer to relieve muscle tension and not make it worse. If you are too tense and tense the muscle while hammering it, you will not get all the benefits from the treatment. Inhale, exhale and slowly move the muscle hammer along the muscle.

 Why use a muscle hammer?

The principle of operation is simple. The light vibration of the muscle maintenance hammer sends straight, vibrating pulses to the muscles. This increases blood flow, reducing muscle stuck. Reducing stalls, in turn, relieves pain and speeds recovery.

The muscle maintenance hammer can also be used before training. Using a muscle maintenance hammer before a workout is a good way to wake up your muscles for a start workout. In this case, remember not to get excited to rub the meat for too long. Before training, a suitable treatment time is about 30 seconds to activate the muscles and nerve fibers. After your workout, you can safely use your muscle maintenance hammer for up to 2 minutes in each muscle group. This process can be repeated during the day for at least 1-2 hours of rest.

The best thing about using a hammer is that you can easily target the massage to exactly the muscles you feel need a massage. For example, this can sometimes be challenging with a massage roller. The operating instructions for the massage heads are coming separately.

Although the muscle maintenance hammer is associated with top athletes, it can also be used in normal everyday life as part of well-being. The muscle maintenance hammer is an excellent way to remove muscle deposits from the shoulders, for example, created during the working day.

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