Massage rollers and balls

Massage rollers and balls are the cornerstone of daily muscle maintenance.

The Fascia vibration ball opens even the most difficult stuck. The vibration of the ball contributes to the effect of the massage compared to the traditional Fascia ball. Patterns of different sizes and shapes on the surface of the ball enhance the effect of the massage. Thanks to its small and handy size, taking the ball into training is effortless!

The Fitnest massage rollers have a choice. The ecological cork massage roller is a great choice for daily body care. The roll also doesn’t have to be thrown when guests come into the closet, but because of its great looks, it acts as an addition to your home décor.

The electronic vibrating massage roller is a more effective option for the more demanding exerciser. The vibration enhances the effect of the massage, stimulating blood circulation. Pleasant material and patterns on the surface of the roller make body care a pleasant experience.