About us

I got a spark of having a business at the age of 6 when, with the help of my father, I successfully set up a candy kiosk at the end of the alley. That spark came to stay. Now, at the age of 21, I get to realize one of my childhood dreams.

Last winter, I spent a lot of time with my athlete colleague Samul. After numerous coffee spells, our tunes were clear. The thoughts of the two athletes studying the commercial field met, the common interest was refined into a business idea and the result was Fitnest . We got a team of professionals in their respective fields on our team and are now ready to start our own story.

Our vision is to provide quality body care products so that they are available to everyone. We ourselves have encountered the problem of having to choose between good and cheap. We have no expensive rent or high staff costs, and for this reason we can offer our products to consumers at the right price.

In our opinion, Finns order too much from abroad and sell too little abroad. Our ambitious nature seeks to address this. In the future, our goal is to take a look at the world and, for our part, to bring Finnish know-how to the world map.

Hope for recovery and good shopping moments: Toni and Samuli, Fitnest oy.