Lihashuoltovasara Fitnest - Fitnest
Lihashuoltovasara Fitnest - Fitnest
Lihashuoltovasara Fitnest - Fitnest
Lihashuoltovasara Fitnest - Fitnest

Massage gun Fitnest

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This massage gun is made of the finest materials and is designed to meet the needs of even the best athletes in the world.

There are already several hammers on the market, why buy Fitnest?

With the Fitnest brand, we strive for unbeatable value for money. This cordless massage gun has all the features you might want from such:

  • Quiet but powerful enough engine.
  • Carrying case with up to eight different massage heads.
  • 20 different massage levels.
  • Up to four hours of operation on a single charge.
  • Black, stylish aluminum outer shell and touch screen.
  • Two year guarantee!

We save you a comparison: unbeatable features in this price range. Because we know the price and quality are right we offer an extended 30 day free refund!

What a miracle massage gun?

The vibration promotes blood circulation, opens jams and relieves muscle pain. Eight different interchangeable massage heads allow you to massage different muscle groups.

The massage gun can be used both to warm up muscle before a workout and to promote recovery after a workout. The massage gun can also be used to relieve jams caused by a day of work or study. Athletes with a muscle massage gun have been found to be of great help, for example, in treating tight cramps in legs by opening the surrounding muscles.

The compact size of the muscle care hammer easily travels with you to the training ground and back.

 Features :

  • Material: aluminum, PP, ABS
  • 20 different speeds, range 1100-3600 rpm
  • Size 25,817.27cmcm
  • Operating time 4 hours
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Battery, rechargeable 2600mAh

The package contains:

  • Fitnest muscle maintenance hammer
  • Charger
  • Carrying case
  • 8 different massage heads
  • Instruction manual

The product has a two-year warranty!


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Olli N.
Finland Finland
Erinomainen laite

Tehokkaampi, kuin uskalsin kuvitella, pitää tarkkaan katsoa, mihin osuu. Monipuoliset hierontapäät ja 20 eri nopeutta. Miellyttävä pitää kädessä ja käyttää. Akkukin kestää meillä pitkään, ainakin 10-20 lyhyempää sessiota. Olen tosi tyytyväinen ja suosittelen.